Reversibility for onchain payments.

Helping web3 businesses minimize fraud loss.

Onramps and exchanges lose billions to fraud every year.

Fraud cuts into your bottom line. Denota's reversible on-chain payment primitive boosts speed and trust, while optimizing costs.

Full coverage

Tokenization enables payment protection and fraud recovery.

Efficient pricing

Blockchain enables affordable coverage and transparent risk pricing.

Streamlined ops

Smart contracts reduce dispute duration and complexity.

The Denota Protocol

Denota is a next generation payment protocol and SDK that brings payment disputation, access-control, document-attachment, and more by leveraging our powerful Nota primitive.

Demo & SDK

Our demo shows just how easy it is to use our API and trigger creation of a shareable, cross-chain NFT payment primitive from your onramp's frontend.

Easily integrated into your onramp, exchange, payment platform or web3 business. Import Denota’s payment primitive with only a few lines of code.

Fraud risk mitigation

Cap your fraud-related losses with our predictable monthly fees, combating chargeback surges.

Boost ops efficiency

Seamlessly integrate our API to potentially speed up dispute resolution and reduce manual oversight.

Optimized decision-making

Cut down on false positives with our smart contract based precision and risk assessment.

Denota: Maximize Profits, Minimize Fraud

Chargebacks can take up to 15% of net profits from exchanges. Our customized fraud loss solutions are tailored to your exchange, onramp or payment processors' needs. Schedule a demo with us to learn more.

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