Secure payment
made easy.

Revolutionizing business payments with NFT agreements.

Payment agreements are inefficient.

They're vague, costly and have significant trust deficits. Denota's simple, flexible, powerful escrow agreements solve them.

Simple & flexible

Easy-to-create NFT contracts with modules and built-in disputation options.

Low cost & efficient

Inexpensive, cross-chain compatible smart contracts with yield generation built-in.

Reputation enabled

Payment-driven insights to build functional, useful on-chain reputation.


No more need to manually collect your payments. Save time, still get paid.

The Denota Protocol

Denota is a next generation asset escrowing protocol that brings payment disputation, access-control, document-attachment, and more by leveraging our powerful Nota primitive.

Product & SDK

Create a shareable, cross-chain NFT agreement with escrow in just a few clicks.

Easily integrated. Import Denota’s NFT agreements in just a few lines of code.

Upgrade Your Payment Processing with Denota

Customized payment solutions tailored to your web3/crypto business needs. Schedule a demo with us to learn more.

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